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VORTEX for Branding and Marketing is a Canadian Egyptian firm. We are expanding internationally with 2 current offices in Canada & Egypt, working cohesively to challenge the status quo of traditional marketing. Our accomplishments are the culmination of 20 years’ experience in marketing, growth hacking and business development. VORTEX develops personalized, integrated, and creative marketing solutions based on strategic planning, responsiveness, and cost efficiency. Our results-driven solutions encompass online and offline marketing channels that rapidly improve brands equity and yield high ROI. In fluid dynamics, VORTEX can communicate cohesively across vast business domains. We work with both B2C and B2B clients and to influence consumer behavior, increase awareness, lead generation, customer retention, and sustain long-term purchase while increasing exposure.

About CEO and Founder

Samar Monier has 20 years of diverse expertise in Marketing, Corporate Business Development, Growth Hacking, and Financial Management. She managed marketing projects in Africa, the United States, and Canada in various industries, including real estate development, financial investment management, and renewable energy. Samar is currently the Founder and CEO of Vortex Branding Marketing Agency, which provides comprehensive marketing solutions (both offline online) to assist her clients in developing their brand entity, increasig market shares, and encouraging growth. Samar Monier has a master's degree in marketing and an international business MBA. She has a Bachelor of Business Administration (BA), as well as a Bachelor in Law (LLB), from the United States of America (USA). She is a member of the Beta Gama Sigma International Honor Society of Collegiate in the United States, the Golden Key International Honor Society, and the American Marketing Association in the United States (USA). Further, a member of the IFSE - investments fund (Canada).


We help our clients develop their companies and achieve their tactical goals by creating powerful brands through strategic branding and effective marketing.


We aim to stand out and challenge the status quo of marketing using unconventional marketing tools and change the game by breaking the norm.

Core Values

We help our clients develop their companies and achieve their tactical goals by creating powerful brands through strategic branding and effective marketing


Honor our commitments to those we serve


Question conventional wisdom and challenge that status quo


Embrace opportunities to learn and improve


Exemplify a compassionate dedication with others to build a synergetic culture.


 Welcome a conflict with enthusiasm, go above and beyond the normal


Our accomplishments are the culmination of our 20 years of marketing, production, and       business development.

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